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Anonymous asked: About the internship thing- school is more important now because everyone needs a 'degree' to do fucking everything now keeping that in mind an internship can give you valuable experience and open doors for you. I think that if you can handle balancing the internship with school you should for sure go with it. I live in canada and i know that here you can be a part time student so that you can do things like this maybe you should look into that as an option. Just make sure you dont close doors

true dat! thanks for the input anon :) I’m not sure about the part time student thing but its a summer internship so it shouldn’t matter too much…. I JUST APPLIED :) hopefully i get it cause I’m really pumped

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should I do an internship this summer?

like i wanna have free time but its also gonna be my senior year and I wanna get into a good school…. any advice?

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